Thailand Mar/April 2004. Lots of History.
10 days in Phuket. Great weather, like
Caribean (as in degrees from Equator).
Lots of islands to visit- James Bond and
PhiPhi. Low standard of living.
(70 baht to ) ...everything CHEAP!! don't
take too many clothes, bring back a
whole new wardrobe and the luggage.
Shame about tsunami.
Bangkok for 6 days. Hot and sticky..
smog early morning. Cheap travel in taxis
or Tuk-Tuk. 10-20 Baht gets you an hour's
dose of carbon monoxide. Healthier if you
take the air-con Monorail. Water taxi is
cheap and breezy, but you may see
strange things floating in the river.

Good day trips to river Kwai, croc farm
and elephant sanctuary.
Sugar is harvested from coconut
blossom, while still on tree..!!?

Those three beauts at the bottom of 2nd
pic will surprise you.. they apparently
remain upstanding when they visit the
Limits on cargo baggage meant Janet
couldn't bring home friend with big nose.
I got invited to stay, as they didn't have a
brown Budda.. cheek!
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