Egypt, May 2005. -3 days each in Cairo/Aswan/NileCruise/Luxor,
and 6 days in Sharm el Sheik.

We had good guides with their individual interpretations of what
happened over the 10k. years. I didn't take notes, so if you want
to know the real, full story get a good book.. there are many.

First outing was to see the Cairo Citadel, its Temple and
fantastic views of the city (and the pyramids in smog, just to left
of Macdonalds building- bottom right). In the afternoon we saw
the Egyptian Museum, a mosque and a bazaar. When we went
out on an arranged visit , a fit young man came with us, usually
the best dressed on the bus... suit and machine pistol.
Lots of army and/or police presence, with automatic rifles.
On main streets every 10 to 20 metres. Not much chance of
being mugged. Cars run without lights but nobody is going fast!

Indiana Johns.

Visit Step Pyramid of Zoser and temple
at Sakkara, and ancient font of
knowledge - Memphis. Then to the
Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza. Again
armed presence, using speed-boats... or
racing camels.

Forty degrees centigrade somebody
said...and it will be warmer in Aswan.

Visible weathered blocks, but also signs
of pilfering by later builders. Town built
within a couple hundred metres.. shame.
Sound and Light show after dark is a
must.. but hope there isn't a festival
going on in the high street.
Fly to Aswan to visit the dam. Not able
to see the generators. Hotel on island
on the Nile. Philae temple which was
moved to higher ground shows
evidence of vandalism.
Unfinished obelisk- led a team (bottom
left) of builders from Bognor and a
council man from the Sth. East to
estimate a rapid completion at
resonable cost.
Ride in felucca sail boat to Kitchener
Island- botanical gardens. Kids in
boats made with wood nailed together,
paddle out to sing or beg for small
change, and have to get back to land
before they take in too much water.
Tuff call!.... Guide says if the kids didn't
make any money, they went back to

Didn't take the long trip to Abu Simbel.
Floating hotel for Nile cruise. Some of
these tubs have been around a while,
you notice when a very new boat went
by. Our boat was tidy enough (inside at
least) and the food was fine. The ride
was smooth, I guess a flat bottom, on
very calm water. A fat lady with cycle
shorts came to shake the boat one
evening. Not what I expected for a
BELLY Dancer. The swirling Dervish
could add a few card tricks to his act.
Visit best preserved temple at Edfu,
followed by Valley of Kings and
Queens. Great for exercise- lots of
climbing up and down steps. Most
visits, we did an early start so we
avoided the midday sun. Then have
trouble getting the bus out of the park
when everybody else turned up later.
Didn't do the balloon ride either. Some
in the party did and had a bit of
They flew over a restricted area and
were forced to land. The landing was
untidy and some blood was spilt.
Not very serious.
Now for a rest after all that history.
Sharm el Sheik is not yet quite like the
Mediterranean, Naama Bay is close,
withs shops and clubs etc. (bot left)
Man-made beach on the warm Red Sea,
not so much sand, more like dirt with
crushed rock. Lots of reefs with loads
of fish.. see new ones every time you go
back in.
This hotel had a fit Tummy Wiggler,
...wasted on the kids.
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