Kenya- Masai Mara, Dec 2002.
5 great days in Rift Valley, amazing
and exhausting. Early starts, long,
rough journeys of over 300kms in a
day is tiring. Try to catch 40 winks..
soon awake -with the king of the
jungle 3 metres away. Lots of flies.
Lots of other bugs when the sun
goes down.
Treetops has to be on every must-
see list.
<===Crossing the Equator.
Chaps show us magic- water
swirls down a funnel in
different directions either side
of the big LINE.
Good sight of most beasts except
the rhino (in the dark at 150m) and
leopard at 100m at dusk- bottom
right of this pic.
Lucky, no bl**dy sn@kes.

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