April 2005.
After her trip to the USA last year, Jenny made the
natural next step.
From a nice safe number of four girls going over the
pond to see family and friends to a solo adventure to
the other side of the world.
That's FOUR WEEKS without sleep for me.

These are pics from her camera. There are some other
better shots on CD's taken by the pro's at each event.

From the top at Auckland she joined some similar
young nutters for a three-week coach trip all the way
down to Wellington, across to South Island -
Christchurch and Dunedin- to Queenstown, with all the
wackiest action events on the way. Jumping out of
aircraft that is in fine working order, jumping off well-
made, sturdy bridges tied up with rubber bands, riding
those oversized gocarts (Quads) through rough terrain,
forests and along cliffs, and riding crazy horses where
the carts can't go. There was also a silly one sliding
down a sand hill on an big drinks tray - 'Lugeing' or
something like that. While she was having a practice
run, one of the speed boys whacked her from behind.
"I nearly broke my back, Dad" is still ringing in my ears.

At the end of the three weeks they went separate
ways. Jenny heads back to Auckland and three or four
days exploring the North Cape and the ninety mile
Main pic is Cathedral Cave,
Rotarua, -Red sky, and
geysers of hot bubbling mud.
Apart from all the lively day-
time activities, there were
also many quiet evenings
inside doing some serious
bonding... they call it!!!
Top left and right shows
some of the locals wanting
to join in.
River Valley and N.Z. museum.

The horse is called Winston,
and is an ex-racehorse. He
only walks along the outer
edge of the cliff and when he
gets bored, he lets everybody
know that he can run real fast.
Franz Josef glaciers and
Wanaka Lake.
Queenstown. The world
famous big jump at Nevis.
Bottom row is Jenny's jump
dressed as an Angel.
I would have told her that I
didn't want her to be an
angel just yet.
Kaikora, -whale spotting,
dolphins and seals.
Top rite is the sand hill for
rapid sliding down. The big
seal pretends to be having a
big scratch but is just waiting
to chase.
Bottom rite is Bay of Islands.
Last few days in North Cape.
Main pic, imagine that Copa
Cabana may have been like
this some time ago.