Ocho Rios Sept. 2006. One day visit
last year on cruise. Dunns River Falls
just as exhilerating this time. Recently
refurbished Hotel -two towers well
situated close to town and across the
bay from the liner jetty. Water is clear
and warm, beach has fine white clean
sand- just a little weed. Holiday rep
hints that we should buy duty-free in
town as the airport may charge last-
gasp prices. Don't believe it!! Airport
prices are at least 30%+ LESS.. ! AND
you have heavy stuff in your suitcase
that attracts excess baggage charge.

Two trips in week one included Jeep
Safari. The Land Rover we rode in should
not be allowed on the road- well past
sell-by date. Thru Fern Gully and then up
2000 feet to Murphy Hill, top left. Next a
sweeping visit to Kingston- mostly
upmarket Uptown. On the way, Spanish
Town- top rite- old capital with typical
caribbean history. Other previous capital
Port Royal, shows power of nature in
taking the sea from around the fort and
dumping it on the town. Bot left. is a
school trip. By the time I got the camera
ready the boys pushed to the front !!!?
Mid bot. shows armoury dislodged by a
later quake, and a big cannon- with a
breech- so I think, may have come along
too late to pay its way. Bot rite. is the
town house of Robert the Wailer.
The more you travel inland -and usually
upwards- the greener the grass, more
rain. Cows and goats seem well
Week two we did a long day to Black
River, about 13 hours round trip via the
Appleton Estate, YS waterfalls and back
via Montego Bay. Again, the bus was a
bone shaker with high pitched
transmission- tiring when so much time
is spent on the road. Lots of opportunity
to join one of Jams favourite pastime -
EATING. Food stalls along most roads.