Grenada July 2005.
After Ivan, missed Dennis and relieved
about Emily.
'Rex Grenadian' is close to airport and on
the south-west coast. Caribbean waters
clear, mild and cool with coral and fish.
Had enough hot days mixed with some
tropical rain.. inc. Emily. Hotel only re-
opened two days before we
roofs and quick makeover. Restaurant
friendly and attentive with six guests, but
struggled when there was a rush of ten.
Chef wastes too much time on
Main pic is our room view with a tamarind
tree to the right and a fallen trunk that
looked like a fierce reptile. Top row is
Janet's shots of differing weather
conditions and time of day.
Rush hour on the beach and on the water
as I dodge the other water sport activity.
Don't ask about the paddle....!
A barman for each guest sometimes.
Middle right is bad pic of the sole iguana on
the lagoon.
Main photo is one of the few nutmeg trees
that didn't suffer grief from Ivan, -ten years
to recover. A lot of banana plants were also
horizontal, but they take months.
A visit to tanty Ruth, busy beach at Hogg
Island, Concord Falls, crater lake- sighted
the only brave monkey to show after Emily,
top and bottom view of Saturday market
and roofless cathedral. Far left is roadside
shop selling everything.....!, and choas at the
bathtub derby at Grand Anse beach.
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