January 2006- Kombo Hotel (needs some work)
on Kotu beach. Needed to come here a couple of
months later for hot weather. Wind is still cold
and the Atlantic is recently melted icebergs.
Healthy well-behaved dogs on beach.
Food is fine, lots of familiar fruit, -mango out of
season. Top row- all staff friendly. Big tree with
seed pods, makes breakfast drink- similar to
tamarind, but not as sharp. South on beach has
a break you wade or step thru depending on
tide. About an hour's walk is SeneGambia hotel
where they feed the vultures at 11:00, not on
Sundays. They still turn up in numbers because
vulture calenders don't have Sundays. Some
monkeys and BIG lizards turn up too.
Bot-rite, I asked this youth if his traditional dress
is normally 3/4 sleeves or if he was due for new
threads. No answer... just a pose. Mid is a crow
taking a fancy to the Mrs. Bot-left, lady Kumba
always managed to find a mango for my fruit
salad. Left is big expired jelly- 18" diameter,
..glad I did not meet him in his better days.
Top-left is market at Serekunda (largest town),
pics don't tell the story... hectic, busy, dusty, and
cheap, (ask a trusted local to take you first time).
Trip in ex-army truck is good for bad backs... you
get one for free. Driver thinks new shock
absorbers would make the ride too bouncy... but
he can't get them anyway. Met uncle Joe who
bottles some liquor from palm fruit... says it cures
all ailments. I think it mite make me sleep a lot.
Works for him tho'. that's one of his in the red
pants. Janet stands close to derelect termite
edifice... not one of Dave's I hope!!
Main pic- visited a school. Big fella in white t-shirt
is Lamin Balajoh, PRO and teacher. Explained
how students need 25 per year for school.
Many can't afford this and he invites donations-

Lamin Balajoh, Sanyang Lower Basic School,
P.O.Box 5410, Brikama, The Gambia, West Africa.

email- sanyanglbschool1@hotmail.com
or- lbalajoh@hotmail.com

The utility buildings like clinic and library are
funded by foreign donations. There is not yet a
sponsor for the washrooms...pooooh!
Top-row is boat ride up the Gambia and some birds enjoying the
river. 75 km. of salt water, so no slimy reptiles.....
The village of Albreda / Juffureh- don't know why two names..
probably me not listening to guide. This is near the compound
where young Kinte's family lived and there is a seventh and
eighth generation currently in residence.
Main-pic shows how the whole family were invited to the mystery
tour. The artist of the background mural got carried away some. I
don't see that lady doing much labouring.
This tour needs some marketing to let more people know. They
have some books and some paintings and photos in a museum,
but not enough. Locals say they get lots of Caribs visiting.
Not far away is James Island (bot-mid) where chaps, not just
reluctant, but strong of will and strong of body were separated
from others and placed in one of the 30+ cells (24 in each) the
size of a domestic bathroom with just the door and a foot-wide
hatch for some light refreshments.
Lots of cannons around to protect traders' investment.
Didn't visit Georgetown (overnite trip) to see mysterious stone
circles- ...more slave history and some wildlife- no big stuff.
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