Feb 2005 Cruise from Miami -west to
Cozumel and back, then to St. Maarten and
back over two weeks.
"Radiance" is a techie new generation
90,000 ton ship driven by ELECTRIC motors,
front and back. Add GPS navigation and no
need for tugs to park it. Six big diesels
generate more than enough watts. 'Tho' we
did have a couple of power fails. I imagine
trouble with switchgear.
Stabilisers kept us from bouncing around
too much, and the lack of enormous engine
and drivetrain kept noise and vibes down.
Cabins on twelve decks offered assorted
comforts and views.
Our cabin is two decks above the first
lifeboat, on the other side.
Masses of amenities available to all.
Running track, rock climb wall and fully
equipped multi-gym.
I knew where they were.
..and I did use the stairs more than the
elevators - honest !
Worldwide staff, especially domestics and
catering, meant lots of social intercourse!!
..even from Columbia and Nicaragua talkin
"Caribbean Hinglish"????
Labadee, Gran Cayman, Coco Cay,
St. Thomas (main pic left is Megan Bay) and
St. Maarten are sand-banks or volcanic
rocks you can drive round in under an hour.
St. Croix was just a gas stop. Features are
clean beaches or buzzing duty-free shops.
Also interesting to see how many Brit
Caribs are living or working there.
Jamaica has more to see and Cozumel is
more advanced as an attraction.

International sense of humour?
As we were sailing past Dominican
Republic, someone shouted "Whales!"
I said "dat ain't Wales, dats's Hispaniola."
How come no-one larfed....?
My favorite visit was the 900 feet of Dunns River
Falls in Jamika.
Add to list of "wonders of the world."
Top must-visit-site.
The sun was just starting to warm up so the water
was COLD! Would I do it again??
Next best outing was the airboat ride on the Everglades. Great
ride with seven litres of V8 Cadillac behind you needs earplugs at
full pelt. Sonny Crockett below didn't mind too much driving the
tin can -just like the Ferrari really- since losing the job at
Vice.....and Janet doesn't need a new handbag....shoes?
Ride needs to last a couple of hours for me.
But not likely to see many beasties flying around fast.
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