Cuba-Veradero, July 2004. - like Cancun and the
Florida Keys... sandbanks and islets developed
into a solid peninsular.
Mostly well done, but not to similar scales. Two
kms reserved as eco-site is typical of original
swamp / mangroves infested with crawlies...eek!
Hotel 'TRYP Peninsular' is near the end where
new projects are in progress.
History, like most of the new world, starts at
Columbus. 'Bay of Pigs' and 'Santa Clara' don't
compare with Inca / Aztec / Maya script.
Havana could do with a splash of paint. Ernie
might not want to come back. The Brits swopped
Havana for that a deal??
Lot's of potential- weather, beaches, reefs and
obvious other restricted sought-after products.
Local fruits are plentiful and tasty... mangoes -
Graham (like grandpa Sam's in Cedar Hill) and
Rose especially. Food is Caribbean without curry.
People seem healthy/fit -even in later years.
Lots of cycles.
Public Transport system is sadly poor. Chaps in
yellow organise a ride -how ever- for small
charge. See mid bottom row.
The historic autos, mostly 50's & 60's US, some
UK, and Eastern block, are a great sight,
carrying the whole family and goat, with
unburnt-gas trails.

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