Bali- Oct 2005. Nusa Dua, South of Benoa. Not as
much to see as Thailand or Goa even. Lots of
fruit like the caribs, but some strange looking
ones with pulp similar to lychee.
Top left is Janet getting a squeeze, and these
two girls danced every day in lobby at 6pm.

Lots of handycraft skills, like jewellery (use
tamarind for cleaning), wood and stone carvers
and real batik... look out for the new shirts.
Locals keen on cock fighting and bet plenty,
even on the religous events.
There were some beasts that I expected to be native
to these parts. The orang-utang, elephant or even a
tiger. But they only appear in the Zoo. Java and
Sumatra have some of those beasties apparently.
We made a great choice to visit the bird park, even if
they were not all natives. Top left is naked birds (not
rude) recently hatched Macaws, then enormous
Aussie pelicans. African Grey -like Chico- decided to
get jiggy as we arrived. Bottom right- somebody tried
to sell me a bat. I said that I was quite pleased with
my Grey Nicholls. Giant hornbill flew to outstretched
arm from 150 metres away.
Centre- technology threatens water buffalo
redundancy- shame. Man on right has car battery
and two electrodes in mud to bring out eels- for
lunch!!! Mid right -rice terraces. Monkey forest-
glad to get out.
Top left is scary with sleeping junior in the middle.
Top right, like Cuba has some Detriot iron still
running. Bottom right- cultivating grass in not a
crime here- they sell to hotels and corporates.
Mid left and mid top is Tanah Lot sea temple on
west coast.

Saw a few Barong dances. Story about problems of
a lady called DEWI KUNTI. Maybe her problems go
away if 'she no sit on lawn early morning.'
Main pic and top right is visit to Batur volcano and
crater at Kintamani. Other pics are cataraman (I
get to drive) trip to Lembongan Island, one hour
east of Benoa Bay. The lagoon on the island had a
day off. Not one beast, fish or bird seen.
Benoa Bay is shallow- sand banks and reefs, so
hydrofoils provide fast fun sea transport- top left.
Great day out, white water rafting. 500 steps
down a 200 metre gorge. Not good for bad knees.
Mixed showers after, then lunch, then back up
the gorge with only 300 steps this time....tuff!
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