This page last modified on Saturday, 11 November, 2006.
JAKEYS is a site for our family and friends. I will place photographs that interest close relations and family friends.
News and Events like birthdays and parties for the ones that didn't get there, plus Holiday snaps.
The pics have got better as I upgraded the camera and software, and I got more experience.
This is as close to a full family pic. It takes two events, a few years apart, to get everyone in...pic on the left
is at a wedding, summer of 2001, Jennifer not there. On the right is Molly's 80th birthday party in March
2003, Jerome was not able to get there.... I do have a foto with all 6 JAK's but I have to scan that......later.
Dwellings over the
growing up years. Main
pic is birthplace- Water
Lane, Princes Town.
Moved to Circular Road
for about five years- site
top left. Top mid is what I
guess was Siparia house -
six months in 1955- there
may have been
alterations.... or it's the
wrong bl**dy house. !!!
Top right is a favourite.
LaBrea- two years- by the
tar flavoured sea.
Bottom left is Bacolet
Street, Tobago -two years-
nice house with great
view, sea not far, now
occupied by Family
Planning Assoc. ....?
Bottom right is biggest-
French Street in P'Town,
again, up to 1962.
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